Mahogany, A Rhode Island Red Hen

Meet Mahogany, she is our first Rhode Island Red and our very first egg layer, averaging one brown egg every day. Little Mahogany was picked on, so we bought  two more reds to keep her company but they were not friendly to her either. She is such a docile little hen, lowest in rank of the first batch, a beautiful sweet girl. She is not quick like Scrappy and Dappy, so even If I throw treats right in front of her, she may not get any after the other quicker chicken have their go. The only way I can guarantee she will get something is if I throw so much that everyone’s full by the time she gently gets her share. The poor little thing pants and struggles for two hours to create her perfect little brown egg. She’s a quiet one and a joy to have around, always running to see what I bring to the flock. Her voice is lighter and sweeter as she sings her laying song which consists of a few sweet choruses before she settles down to her nest in the corner. We call her Mahogany as her colors are so rich and beautiful. She is a favorite and I always call her name when I enter the coop so she is front and center.


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