Flock Friday

rosieThis is “Rosie”and  I love her, didn’t expect to but her personality  is so comical, running as fast as her legs will carry her when she sees me, always expecting something and pecking my fingers regardless if I’m holding something for her or not. She is a bold one, but not quite as bold as Scrappy and Dappy her sisters. She is such a drama queen though, pacing back and forth on the roost, letting everyone know for at least 20 minutes she is about to lay her perfect little pinkish brown egg, not quietly getting down to business for her, no Sir, her business is front page news in the chicken coop. She is one of my Grand-daughters favorites, and also brought tears to her other Grandmother, who had a favorite chicken just like her in the Dominican Republic, so she’s just a regular favorite all around. Rosie is either a mother hen or a control freak rounding everyone up for bed, crowing and giving them a good peck to get moving. I named her Rosie because her wattles were rose colored early on and Rosie Dear just rolls off my tongue when I see her.


Rosies egg laying next to Mahogany’s egg.


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