I love radishes, sweet, crunchy, juicy radishes, love them with sandwiches, boiled eggs, slivered onto salads, almost anything! They’re so fresh and pretty. I’m not crazy about the spicier ones, the sweeter they are the better.  This year we are testing a few varieties of radishes. These are Lady Slipper and Cherry Belle. Both are mild and delicious. Cherry Belle will get pithy and stringy faster than Lady Slipper.
It’s getting hot here and radishes do so much better during our winter season. I’ll keep growing them as long as I can,  if they bolt and go to seed no worries, pollinators love their delicate flowers and they are a great bug deterrent if planted near other vegetables.

Years ago, in the early ’80’s actually, I read a little blurb about an appetizer served in an Irish bar, it was so simple that I tried it (my cooking skills were rudimentary).  It involved the combination of only three things the most important being the simple lowly radish (one of the few things I could grow then) Not only was it mouthwatering good, it was beautiful as well.  The radish moistens the sometimes hard bread, the butter coats your stomach for the beer drinking to follow and the bread is rich and satisfying. This is good with other breads, or cream cheese instead of butter, but for me, this is simple combination is sublime and taught me a lesson which has been brought home too many times to talk about, which is that a few good ingredients combined with imagination,  and skill, yields some of the best tasting food ever, but then again, I’m a simple person and like fresh simple things.

Back to the beautiful little radish appetizer:
1. Fresh Radishes
2. Fine Butter
4. Pumpernickel bread, preferably dense.


You want to try it now right?  Here’s how:
Squares of pumpernickel bread, slices of butter and a thick slice of radish.
Serve extra radish on the side for an additional juicy crunch.


Now that’s a rich butter sandwich! But if you’re not in or heading out to an Irish bar, here’s the skinny delicious fresh version, which is a slight smear of butter and a bigger chunk of radish. This is my personal favorite. So refreshing, in fact it was my dinner on this record hot day in Florida.


Pick the small young radishes if you can, they’re sweeter, juicier and tastier than the large ones) and pretty much never available in the market.

I found this recipe for Estonian bread which I will try, it looks like it would be just perfect for this dish. ESTONIAN BLACK BREAD


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  1. KR says:

    Thank you for linking 🙂 And I can confirm, fermented rye bread is the best with radish, because of the sweet and sour taste.

    1. It sounds perfect, I can’t wait to make it.

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