Pickled Radishes

Today was another hot day, I painted wood for the pergola over the deck, Ken began to install the beams. He dug and placed all the 4×4’s for the corners yesterday and while the paint was drying I repotted tomatoes. Chickens ran freely in the courtyard loving their time in the sun and foraging to their heart’s content. In between paint coats, I checked the nests, I especially wanted to see if Cotton laid her egg to compare with the egg we found on the floor this morning, another Easter Egger is ready to lay, so I’m trying to figure out which one it could be. The color was so close to the one Cotton lays, but it’s a little more pear-shaped. I do so love the adventure of egg collecting and learning the differences in the chickens.  Yesterday I took Scrappy, Dappy, Snowflake, and Sidekick to the mulberry tree. They put up a little fuss, but after their adventure they are following me around clucking “pick me up, take me to the berries”. These hens love sweets: melons, berries, papaya, grapes, and green peas are their favorites, good thing we grow some of them here.

Yesterday and today I harvested more radishes than we could eat so I went through my cookbooks and found this recipe by my favorite Chef Jacques Pepin from his book Heart and Soul in the kitchen. I have quite a few of his books as he has so many simple recipes that taste fantastic, he is my go-to chef for something simply delicious, he knows every complex dish there is, but he simplifies things for last-minute cooks like me. It’s cool that he said Julia Childs’s book is invaluable, he grew up in that world, she learned it and taught it. I loved his book the apprentice he wrote it so beautifully. It’s a great autobiography, one of my favorites, he is very humble in his chronicle but all the pieces of his life tell a wonderful story. He is world-famous, ridiculously accomplished but still loves to grow and forage his foods, he’s true to his family and friends. A beautiful man and artist.

Back to the mundane, cleaning and slicing the radishes took some time, but it was worth it, this is a delicious summer pickle, refreshing and light, and pink, definitely one of my radish seasons must-haves.

Quick pickled red onions and radishes. by Jacques Pepin

2 cups warm water
1/2 cup kosher salt
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup cider vinegar
2 teaspoons tabasco sauce
4 cups sliced red onion
3 cups sliced radishes.

Pour warm water into a bowl, add salt, vinegar, and tabasco. Add onions and radishes let stand for about 3 hours. Transfer to a jar and refrigerate. Pickle will keep for at least 3 months.


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  1. I can’t wait to make these! I love radishes. Thank you for the idea!!

    1. You can’t go wrong with a recipe from Jacques Pepin!

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