Flock Friday

Meet Jamie, she is a quiet hen, but very curious, she is one of the first ones out of the coop in the morning and off outside to explore. She loves the courtyard and being out in the sunshine. She lays her little cylindrical egg without a lot of noise and effort. She posed for me today, knowing she was going to be front page news.

Jamie is named after my good friend and beautiful person Jamie. In fact when Jamie saw the three Silver laced Wynadottes, she said lets call them Jamie and Andi! So we have Jamie, Angelina and Cruella DeVille. I called her sis Angelina cause it feels strange to call my own name. She is a beautiful no nonsense hen and every time I call her I think of my wonderful friend as well. Come to think of it, Jamie the hen loves being in the garden and courtyard and Jamie is a master gardener who creates paradise with plants.  I think its the perfect name for this pretty little hen. Life is good in the garden.

Here is Jamie’s gallery.


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