Avocado Toxic to Chickens

I’ve read all kinds of lists as to what’s toxic and not to chickens. Avocados are on all the lists!  Interestingly enough, so far our chickens seem to know whats good and what’s not. I’ve seen them leave certain plants after closing their beak on them and decimating others. I have not purposely fed them toxic plants to experiment though.

The big question is Avocado, is it really toxic?

We have a tree,  it’s huge and its dropping fruit everywhere, even in the forage areas. The chickens are ninjas, they breach the fence and go waltzing about and eat avocado. At first we were shooing them away and trying to pick up as much as we could, but they did not become sick at all. My son-in-law from the Dominican Republic said they fed avocado to their chickens all the time, but only the flesh.

For a over week now the chickens have been eating avocado, they are still alive, not sick, producing perfect eggs and happy.

Maybe its a cultural thing but our Ameracuana’s or chicken mutts, like them the best. These girls also have rich yolks, and deal with heat better than the other chickens.

So for what it’s worth, avocado is not toxic to our chickens. This is our little field study, not just another list on the internet.


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