Chewy Soft Pretzel Buns

I love boiled eggs, but I don’t like dry or flimsy bread with them, I don’t want to bathe toast with a lot of butter either. Our eggs are rich and delicious so I want a bread that will hold up in taste and texture to them.

Just as I was thinking about making a chewy, rich bread for my egg brunch,  we sold a dozen to friends and we were chatting about food, eggs and bread and they brought up pretzels and eggs, their favorite food in the world. Kismet! I was going down that road already. So after a bit of experimentation I have my brunch bun. It’s eggy, salty, chewy, stretchy and just perfect with the sublime, hard boiled, rich in protein, gorgeous egg.
The very best part is that crunch into a mini chunk of salt to get the burst of flavor right when you need it, when it’s all in your mouth, like diving into a cool river on a hot day.
These little suckers are a lot of work and I was wondering if it was even worth all the mess and trouble until this morning. After all the labor I can say “Come to Mama!

Joy!  Today I kicked it up a little with Edes Anna Paprika paste. Wonderful. Did I ever tell you I LOVE eggs with chewy bread?






This bread was inspired by and is a combination of my baguette and Tory Avey’s Pretzel Challah.  I personally love her blog.



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