Super Coop

Well, it’s almost finished and I LOVE it!! Its so beautiful and practical. We have tweaked it to what we have learned from our Chickens, or what our Chickens have taught us about what they prefer. We are combining two flocks so we have added extra nest space, extra roost space, more feeders, more waterers to prevent strife amongst the girls, more than 70% more than they have in their individual coops now.  They will be moving in the next few days, so I want to post these gorgeous pics of our shed to coop conversion before they get to work in here.

I’ll post again once they are settled in with more details about the runs, courtyards, and amenities.

Seen here are the huge nest selection, two tiers will have windows, two tiers will be cozy. Four heavy duty roost bars, poop deck, ventilation and the eastern enclosed protected wing.




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