Let me introduce my glass head and muse Beatrix. She is my tool to weather this tough time in as much we have to change so many things to stay healthy and safe. We used to purchase masks to protect Ken and me on the farm, mowing grass, mixing feed, and all the hyper dust-related jobs, but now it’s a whole new world, and it is difficult to purchase them now. I used to sew years ago so I thought I’d give this a try and see what I can make. I’ve made about 9 different style masks and settled on this style to create to sell as I like it the best and it gives me options for creativity and universal sizing. I am actually using the plastic packaging from a drywall mask we purchased recently to size the covers I’m making.
There are many people making masks for sale, my ETSY store is begging makers to switch to mask making. The combination of a fractured hand  (where my thumb articulates, very inconvenient) and arthritis slows me down a bit, but it does not slow my desire to create something nice and useful and preferably pretty.
I don’t have the dexterity to “crank things out”, so  I handed off many yards of cotton materials and elastic to my daughter in St. Pete who is doing a fabulous job making for St Joseph’s Children’s hospital.
I kept the fine cotton flannel from years ago when I made cuddly blankets for kids and grownups, also thread, interfacing and all the required materials to make this design. These fabrics are ones I’ve collected for twenty years to make the cuddly blankets I designed years ago. It helps the stress and anxiety for me to work with this soft pretty material and the thought that I can add value to our farm helps as well.
The masks I create are soft, pretty, rugged, and durable just like the things I made years ago. I believe everything that’s useful doesn’t need to be disposable. So during this difficult time, I’m hoping people will purchase one so we can keep our farm going, not to mention owning a very well made beautiful facial accessory.

P.S You can see a lot of what I’m making and what Beatrix is modeling on the BLOG made especially for the masks I create. Don’t worry, all my trials and experiments were gifted away to friends family and customers.
If you don’t need a mask, but would like to help keep the farm going, feel free to buy us a coffee.

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  1. maggie hesse says:

    Thank you for sharing – I agree using flannel – I’m going to have to go through my quilt remnants to make a few of these – stay safe


    1. Thanks Maggie, you stay safe too, hope you find some pretty remnants. 🙂


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