Pepper Jelly

I finally got the time to try a new Jam.  I was making salsa anyway, so I picked a small bag full of sweet Hungarian peppers. They’re a rich deep dark green with pronounced pepper flavor, not as sweet as bell pepper. I didn’t have pectin so I used unflavored gelatin and it firmed up just fine in the fridge after the canning process.
Ken likes it! he’s had it on his toast twice already, that’s amazing.
What I can’t wait to try is using this pepper jelly in a marinade for chicken with my toasted marmalade jam and soy sauce.  It may just be phenomenal or a bomb. We will see. I will share the results of that experiment at the end of this post, good bad or however ugly the outcome.

The flavor is like complex teriyaki, so far I’m liking it. I decided to sacrifice a leftover turkey wing section for this experiment. So it is simmering away right now….

It was surprisingly good and super easy. Next time I’ll try this combination on one of those takeout roasted chickens.



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