Candied Papaya Kolaczki (Kol-ach-key)

Today I’m working on the Kolaczki dough and experimenting with fillings. Traditionally prune jam, sweet cheese, tart cherries, which I don’t have on hand or can make from our sub-tropical garden. The papaya jam proved popular and is a loved filling in our butter cookie, so I thought I’d try to candy some papaya fruit for the filling for my early trails of sweet roll.

The first attempt consists of trying to find the right shape and technique to bake the roll.

The foldover style was delicious with the apple filling, so that was repeated. Also a dumpling pocket style. This dough is very delicate and more difficult to manipulate but I’m hoping the taste and texture will be sublime.

My first tries are always a huge mess, but I do adapt fairly well and make it better as I go along. Mind you, I’m not in the least bit trained and my recipes generally involve dreaming things up firstly and trying to make them work secondly.  Actually, truth be told, a lot of my brilliant ideas are scrapped, but that’s the joy of creating for me, always trying to improve or try something else. The downside to that is when I make something that works I hear ” Now just leave it alone, quit changing things”. Not saying by whom, fill in the blanks where you will. (Not always Ken).

The bottoms are golden, nice! I decided to glaze with the papaya syrup then dust with powdered sugar.

I love Tory Avey’s Blog and find many great recipes there.
You can’t go wrong with her Kolachke recipe. And they look beautiful!
Find it HERE

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