Chicks & Jam

Citrus fruits are taken for granted these days, but centuries ago they were a special rare commodity. From the ancient citron to modern navel oranges , we can’t or don’t want to live without them.
I’ve just converted a bag of navel oranges into a sublime sweet orange jelly with particles of zest floating within it. It’s delicious, but not the true marmalade we’ve come to know, so I began exploring and uncovered these beautiful posts on marmalade.

Marmalade: A Very BritishObsession
by Olivia Pots

I loved every minute and every word of this post. It’s a long read 15 minutes or so but worth every second if you love a bit of history. Olivia Potts is a food writer and chef. After a career as a criminal barrister, she retrained in patisserie at Le Cordon Bleu.

Jar of homemade marmalade.

“The dark wood-panelled dining room is quiet, heavy with…

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