Aranylgaluska: Hungarian Tradition, or Monkey bread: An American Institution.

Chicks & Jam

Sweet little dough balls, dairy rich and coated with butter, rolled in a sugar bath, then coming to rest nestled together in a tight, sweet swaddling surround, then let alone to rise.

The history of this sweet bread spans centuries. It’s a bread that is used during Jewish holidays, in particular, Purim. Hungary was home to a very large Jewish population before the holocaust. Outside of Hungary, I have only heard the word β€œaranygaluska” in Jewish recipe circles. Arangaluska is mentioned in the writings of Gil Marks, a Rabbi and Encyclopedic food historian. The origins of Aranygalsuka and Monkey bread most likely would have been the sweet yeast dough used throughout the world. This original recipe for this rich sweet dough is found in these Rabbi Gil Marks books:
The world of Jewish Desserts and his World of Jewish Cooking

Sweet Yeast dough: Gil Marks
1 (1/4-oz) package…

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