Dumplings and Jam

Never before has my papaya jam been this rich in flavor and color. It’s just so beautiful! During the process of making the golden dumplings the other day, I thought to myself, I wish I had just plain sweet dough to eat with this superb jam. So today I’m making plain sweet golden dumplings, specifically constructed to be eaten with a dollop of jam.

Golden Dumpling sweet plain dough.

Our latest papaya jams are off the charts in flavor. All the extra work and careful construction was worth it. So, I’m thinking this is going to be an awesome pairing!

Sweet Red Papaya Jam & Sweet-Hot Papaya Habanero Jam.
Sweet bread dumplings fresh from the oven
Sweet bread dumpling with jam

Or just go completely wild and pick up a special gift pack of our jams.

Wingspread Farm Gift Bag of select Jams & Jellies

Order ahead, or phone or text for availability.
See you at the farm

Love Andi

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