Farmstand Tour

So many people have said they were scared to come down to the farm as they didn’t know what to expect. Well I can understand that, but I can promise you we have no dueling banjos down here. What we do have is a lot of beautiful lazy hens, chicken coops and courtyards (more on that later) our papaya grove, and our super cute little farmstand where we sell all kinds of deliciousness.
So, come on in and I’ll show you what’s inside, as well as the gifty things I’ve been working on all morning.

Farmstand Area

You can get an idea of what’s inside from all the signs we have outside, along with pictures of our available cookies every day, you can drive right up to it and when we greet you , you can order just like McDonalds! Or you can come inside and shop, if you do, this is what you will see.

Our fresh breads and sweet golden dumplings are on the bakery rack left of the painting, and the salami fridge on the other behind the counter, and the cookie display and rack is under the counter. We love this little shed to shop conversion. It’s one hard working little building!

For this season I found the cutest jute bags for gift giving. I love their practicality and good looks.
They’re a natural material, easy to re-use or regift, no environmental waste from wrapping paper or shredded plastic. We have many styles and sizes to make any gift custom and cute, plus decorations and add-ons!
What do you think?

We designed gift cards and a custom “gift cracker” reminiscent of Hungarian Christmas candy. Super convenient and a pretty way to gift our freshly baked items. It’s a win-win!

I hope you liked this little tour. Let me know what you think!
See you at the farm.

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