Kissing Bread

Soft, white, and incredibly fluffy is the joint where two loaves of bread fuse together in the oven, and are then torn apart when cooled. Ha! What sweet sorrow begets such conjoined partners!
This torn bread is precisely so irresistibly delicious because the gluten strands retain their form verses being cut completely by slicing.
In my opinion it feels softer and smells and tastes fresher.
No surprise that in the old country we broke, tore, and pretty much mangled the bread not sliced it.
In the new country too, (but I’m not pointing fingers at my grand daughter and son-in-law or anything, but truth be told, it’s where I get the “mangling” bit from)

Anyway, it’s my favorite thing about bread. As I kid I would nibble at the break on the way home which turned it into a nice crusty shell with a hollow inside. Consequently, my mother ordered two loaves when I was sent to the bakery to pick up our daily.

So today, I’m experimenting with some shapes to bake in a flat pan. Some did join together, but I cut X’s into all of them for fun. So if you make the minestrone, or “Hungarian Gulyas leves” on this horrible rainy windy day, I’ve made the bread.

Some prior conjoined breads, I especially love the little round ones!

So, if you want your bread like this, just ask for conjoined or kissing, or kissy bread, we get it. 🙂

Thanks for reading
-Love Andi

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