Hungarian egg pasta dumplings. Handmade, cut from loose batter into boiling water. Simple ingredients: Flour, eggs, salt. That’s it. But like any pasta, it takes elbow grease, time and a desire to make and clean up a huge mess.

Nokedli are so versatile, for stews, sides, salads, desserts or just plain with salt and butter. Plain is how my grandkids eat them, right after they’re made. They can’t wait for the sauces or the paprikash. I make double the amount needed if they’re around.

I will be posting pictures and recipes featuring Nokedli on this page. Enjoy!

Chicken paprikash with nokedli on the side. Chicken paprikash with the nokedli tossed into the stew Recipe
Nokedli with frankfurters or hot-dogs Recipe.

Nokedli in butter with fresh parsley and pepper and fresh fig.
Nokedli with avocado oil with fresh lemon and special seasoning. Eat the avocado sliced with additional seasoning and citrus squeezed generously over both avocado and nokedli.
Nokedli and boiled potatoes tossed in paprikash sauce with fried egg. Delicious brunch right here!
Nokedli with corn and cilantro in chicken broth.
Warm nokedli with melted butter, cinnamon & sugar
Warm nokedli with papaya jam & walnuts (traditional is apricot jam or lekvar

Check back often for the many ways to use nokedli in easy, simple and delicious meals.

–Love Andi

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  1. Such beautiful photos of delicious food, I loved your post!

    1. Andrea Szabo says:

      thank you so much for your kind words. Much appreciated.

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