Pastry M.B.A.H.

Pastries made by a Hungarian at Wingspread farm.

formally known as “Golden Dumplings”

formally known as “Aranygaluska”

I personally do not like overly sweet anything, except maybe jelly beans. I like to think of pastry as a meal that’s a little on the sweet side, easy for breakfast or brunch/lunch.

This brings me today, to three basic directions in my Pastry M.B.A.H.
(Pastry made by a Hungarian)

CREAM: Very heavily filled with pastry cream. Sometimes with a little something added such as chocolate, nutella, jam, or fruit preserve.

Best Full creams are:

Best Combination creams are:
Vanilla kreme dark chocolate
Vanilla kreme nutella
Vanilla kreme strawberry preserve
Vanilla kreme apples in cinnamon & clove
Lemon kreme blueberry preserve
Passionfruit Kreme guava preserve
Passionfruit kreme Papaya jam

SWEET:  Pastry filled with jams or nuts, with a sweet sugar icing drizzle
Best combination sweets are:
coming soon:
Date-walnut & honey
Pistachio-cherry & honey
Best basic sweet is:
Cinnamon sugar

BALANCED:  Pastry filled with pastry cream and jam or chocolate with sugar icing
Best balanced combinations are:
Apple cinnamon & clove and vanilla kreme, vanilla icing
Apricot walnut & vanilla kreme, vanilla icing
Chocolate chip & strawberry, strawberry icing

The pastry, as am I, is a work in progress.

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