Finding Recipes

I didn’t have Grandmothers baking and handing down recipes. I didn’t grow up with baking and desserts. I didn’t even taste banana bread until I was married, had a couple kids and made one myself. I didn’t know how to cook when I got married. Luckily, a simple wedding gift of a cookbook, “The American home cookbook” to be exact, helped me to make edible food for my family.

The first food I was exposed to was Hungarian food my Mother made. The second, New Zealand/British morning and afternoon tea, consisting of little tea cookies, cakes and finger sandwiches, fish and chips and cornish pasties from the bakery.

Then, when I became a teenager, I was lucky to land in a multicultural area in Chicago. Polish, Italian, Greek, Hungarian, Romanian, Irish, then further north to Wisconsin, Norwegian, Swedish, Swiss and German. I loved it.

It’s only recently that I’ve begun to explore baking. I’m a bit of a secret researcher-information junkie, so I love to explore and track down things In the past few years, I have amassed quite a few more cookbooks. I love different points of view, so the recipes I use today may originate from anywhere and anybody. Most of my day to day cooking is just made up and sometimes surprisingly good, other times, not so much.

My methodology is to find a recipe type in my library. Print out the closest ones to what i’m thinking about, then cross reference them, try a couple, and then tweak the best one with influences from what I read, and from my imagination.

I love my latest venture into quick breads, which is amusing, because banana bread was one of the first things I made eons ago. It’s so much fun to explore this whole segment, and I’m truly loving this. I hope you all come along for the ride and enjoy it too.

Love Andi

My inspirational Library

Here’s what I’ve made so far, and I’m just getting started!

Savory Breads
Hawkeye’s Dilly Cheese Bread
Rio’s Jalapeno Cheddar Corn Bread

Sweet Breads
Bennie’s Simple Banana Bread
Wally’s Banana Walnut Bread
Minky’s Banana Chocolate Chip Bread
Wisterias Pure Pumpkin Bread
Tansy’s Pumpkin Honey Pecan Bread
Ferne’s Pumpkin Carrot Bread
Crystal’s Pumpkin Carrot Toasted Salty Walnut Bread
Steffy’s Rum-Raisin Apple Almond

Almost Dessert Breads
Sunny’s Classic Carrot Cake
Tony’s Carrot Pineapple Cake
Juanita’s Corn & Sweet Pepper Cake

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