Farmstand Village Concept: 10/2021

If you have visited our little farmstand, you will have seen the changes we keep making to the little area. It’s becoming more than a little farmstand shed, or two.

The metamorphosis has been:
Single little farmstand. Which became the egg packaging and storage shed.
Second little farmstand, which is the current farmstand.
Animal feeder: Because it was cute as a flower wagon or something? Not sure what.
The covid sign wagon, for when we did drive through only, in 2020.
The third building, which is being completed now.
We brought our BBQ stuff from the backyard to the front, simply because the family likes to hang out in the front yard better, and we added the gazebo because we wanted shade.

So seeing it all together, I’m thinking it looks like a mini village now. I like the idea. Little buildings, gathering area, little cafe tables, cookout area.

We are getting close to fleshing out the idea, the big parts are in place. Now begins the tweaking of it. The fun part. I’m excited to see how it will all come together, so I’m creating these posts as the between part of the before and after. Later I’ll dig through the archives and document the coops and changes over the years.

At first, the buildings were going to be the same color as the coops, the warm grey taupe with different color doors, but then driving in one day, I wanted to see COLOR. Lots of color! Inspired by villages all over the globe, some I have visited in person, some only seen in pictures. That’s when it all began to come together in my mind. The turquoise umbrellas are the accents. That is decided. I’m just so excited to see what it will become. I just had to write about it, because I can’t work on it physically today, but in a couple weeks, I plan to have paintbrush in hand!!

So October 2021 this is what you see driving up to the farmstand.

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    Love your ideas!

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