Cinnamon 4-pack

Maybe knocking me out cold, then putting me in “not cooking purgatory” caused a RESET?
I don’t know. But what I do remember, is what I thought about laying around in a la la state.
Besides craving my bread, I realized that what made me crazy about my cinnamon rolls, was all the goop I threw away on the baking parchment. I said to myself, “I will not throw that away”! I will keep the rolls in their gooey goop, and then put that all in the box to go.
Seemed like a good idea at the time.

Then I came out of the ether and began the thinking and planning part. I found one pan I could actually subdivide by parchment which will yield 4 rolls each that will sqeeeeeeze into a box with goo and parchment intact.

So, now we are offering the rolls as a four-pack intact with cooking parchment right from the oven. All the drippy cinnamon buttery sugar intact.

No waste. Wasting is my pet peeve.

From now on, I will be making super gooey rolls. I will be amping it up until I get to the point where it’s just too much…maybe when you can go swimming in cinnamon goop? Not sure. Anyway, I’m excited about them. And I’m thinking Cinnamon Sundays! Why not?

–Love Andi

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