My newest roll is chocolate. “Kakaós Csiga
in Hungarian (Chocolate Snail)

Chocolate snail pastry made with bitter cocoa, butter and sugar, is everywhere in Hungary, in other countries as well actually. In Germany its called schnecken! Maybe that’s why Ken likes it. Schielka/Schnecken, it’s a stretch but his ancestry is a Polish/German mix.

Legend has it that a Hungarian baker named Mór Pösch created this pastry for his 33rd birthday.
His guests liked it so much, he decided to sell what wasn’t consumed at the party in his shop the next day, instead of throwing them out. (Hungarian frugality at its best) Kinda like we do, it’s sometimes better the second and third days actually. They sold like hot cakes, so he put them on the permanent menu. Now they are on permanent menus in nearly all bakeries in Europe. That was in 1908. Today it’s the beginning of 2022. Mathematically are they really a century popular?
Answer is YES!

I made mine with a rich bread dough and hershey’s cocoa. They are just perfect!
In Hungary it’s one of the top breakfast foods. In Valrico, they will be soon, I’m sure.

Consider this. Instead of a starbucks loaded with syrup and cream, you get an espresso or a triple or two, a bite of chocolate snail, and swish that about in your mouth before swallowing!
OMG!!!! Nirvanaaaaaaaaaaaa!

PS. They are not too sweet, just immensely satisfying. Just the way I love to start the day.

I will be making all kinds of delicious snail rolls in the future.

Enjoy! Love Andi

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