Transformative Tuesdays

From this day forward I’m taking Tuesdays off to do what I want.

Today is truly transformative.
It begins with a trip to the recycling dump to get rid of all the yard waste, branches and clean plant matter. That was a fun excursion. Ken loads up the trailer, I make sure I get my second cup of coffee for the road. He concentrates on driving, I chatter pretty much non-stop. I love road trips because I can get all my thoughts together and share them, and Ken cannot say “I’ll be outside, we’ll talk later”. So, I think we get a lot accomplished, as far as planning and ideas are concerned. I’m hoping Ken thinks the same thing, rather than hoping Andi’s got that out of her system.
On the way back home, cruising down the driveway, we see all the frost-kill and realize we will be making this trip again soon.
Transformed chaos into order.

Then the heating and air guy gets here because our heat was not working. Apparently, it works when it’s cold, but not when it’s freezing. They tell me it’s working like it’s supposed to. So I want to know what’s the point of having a heater work only when it’s cool, but not freezing cold. What am I supposed to do? Live in an igloo and light a fire? Anyway, wearing a down jacket with a fleece throw in front of a fake heater fireplace got me through. Ken had a velour jacket and the pups to keep him warm. So we are ok. Hot soup for breakfast, lunch, and dinner wasn’t so bad either.
Transforming cold into cozy

I’m in the process of retrieving most of my books put into storage to make room for family members who moved into our home years ago. Now they’ve moved out and I can get all my books back. I’ve missed them. Some I like to refer to. Some I read years ago and it’s time to reread for the sheer pleasure of reading them again. Gabriel Marquez is one of my all-time favorite authors. I cried when I finished “Love in the Time of Cholera” and “One hundred years of solitude”, I wanted to read them forever. I have bought them again along with the Spanish version, so I can enjoy them both ways and maybe learn a language at the same time. I don’t like, nor do I do well with classroom textbook language studies. Immersion is the best for me, but I cannot run away to San Miguel Allende or some quaint beautiful little village to live and learn. So reading both “Love in the Time of Cholera’s” simultaneously is my choice for now. I hope this will become an important part of my transformative Tuesday ritual.
Transforming into being trilingual eventually I hope.

This is how I learn. I need to read it, then write it to feel it and see it again. It helps me to retain it and prolong the pleasure of reading beautifully written work.

–Love Andi

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