Grief My Way

It’s the anniversary of my beautiful, loving, Loosey Loo’s passing away.
Thank you for the love you’ve shown me, and the outpouring of caring.
It’s incomprehensible how much that helps, and how good it felt.
My love and thanks to you all.

My Original Post:

Today my beautiful dog passed away. She is still laying here next to me as I type. My Husband wanted to cover her, but I couldn’t stand that. I need to talk to her, and see her, and pretend she is only sleeping next to me. I know her soul has fled, I saw it go the moment it happened. There a was a groan like an aaaarrhhh when someone jumps a high jump the olympics. or a submissive weightlifter would groan. A noisy exit breath, taking her soul on it.

Her soul is still here, hanging for a bit, I’m ok Loosey, don’t stay on my account. I love you so much you kind beautiful girl. You are my lovingest friend. I don’t deserve such a beautiful generous soul.

I still want her here with me.

I’ve had people and dogs die before. She isn’t the first. What I know about myself is that I don’t want people to hug me when I’m grieving.

I don’t want people to talk to me when I’m grieving

I don’t want people to touch me when I’m grieving

I’ve been exposed to thousands of people during my personal funerals and burials in the past,
and I can remember only a few who helped me.

This is what they did:

They looked into my eyes, and validated my grief silently ( I can tell)

They cried or at least I saw the empathy in their eyes,

They said nothing, they sat with me for a little while, not long, I’m too fragile for more than a minute or so.

I felt a great comfort in the way they let me alone, but I felt the totality of their support.

This is just me, the way I need to be. The way I can handle loss and people surrounding it.

I Love my friend, I asked her to meet me when I cross over. It’ll be a happy day.
I love you so much my Lucy Loo

When we meet again: High Five Loosey!

High Five

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