Coop Stories: First Chickens

First Pullets December 15 2016

It’s like the first kid, you take tons of pictures:

Then the eggs: Mahogany laid the very first one.

And of course the Portraits and they all have names:

Mahogany, Copper, Meanie, Marilyn, Cotton, Snowflake, Nefertiti, Nessa, Muffy, Yalamay, Zora, Nuru, Pumpkin, Sidekick, Buttercup, Sooty, Sheela, Sophie, Scrappy, Rosie, Jamie, Angelina, Sweet thing, Cruella DeVille

Now they’re grown and laying eggs. The egg collecting methodology is upgraded. Accessible inside and out.
First remodeling of roost bars, nests and paint.

What’s better than coops and chickens?

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