Coop Stories: First Coop Arrival

I was thrilled when we finally decided on how to build our first coop. All the coops and kits didn’t quite fit the vision of what I wanted. I dreamed of a coop I could walk into, like I remembered doing as a child. My childhood chicken houses were rustic, simple, rudimentary, but they were familiar, so the designs I saw, which were in most instances a box you could reach into, but not walk into, just didn’t fit the vision.

We decided to look at sheds, and fortunately for us, we found an 8×10 repossessed shed at Tuff Shed in Brandon. It was perfect.

I was so excited when the delivery day came. My dream of a few chickens was coming to pass.
October 17 2016 we had found our shed conversion. October 21 2016 it arrived.

I got to work planning, sketching and dreaming. Our adventure had begun.

The search, dream and plan phase:

The building and design phase:
AKA: Mistake and Correction Phase:

Almost ready for the chickens to arrive.

First Incarnation of the first coop. It will eventually have three, as we began to learn from the chickens, and what we wanted to change. Change has been the constant. Always a better way, always a new tweak.
December 12 2016

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