Pasta Fridays: Mushroom Cream Sauce

This works with any mushroom type, and the texture is wonderfully smooth and creamy and coats the bigger pasta types beautifully.

I had on hand frozen dumplings, portobello caps, and shallots. I boiled the dumplings in chicken stock to plump them up to double their size and thick sliced halved mushrooms. After cooking down the mushrooms and onions, I added the butter, cream and chopped fresh parsley.

These recipes are from Lidia’s Italian Table and Marcella Hazan’s Marcella Cucina. I use these recipes as a guide and then adapted to what I have on hand, which is how I usually cook. Usually, I have something in mind, then consult the experts to make sure I’m going in the right direction.
To make authentic Tagliatelle with porcini mushroom sauce, follow Lidia’s or Marcella’s recipe.
Otherwise, just wing it like me. It’ll still be delicious.

From now on I will always try to have mushrooms on hand because this is so easy to make. Today I paired it with leftover Italian sausage for Ken. I had mine plain and it was so good I didn’t want anything else!
Next time I’m using Castelli, because that pasta is begging for this sauce.

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