Pasta Fridays: Mushroom Cream Sauce


This works with any mushroom type, and the texture is wonderfully smooth and creamy and coats the bigger pasta types beautifully.

I had on hand frozen dumplings, portobello caps, and shallots. I boiled the dumplings in chicken stock to plump them up to double their size and thick sliced halved mushrooms. After cooking down the mushrooms and onions, I added the butter, cream and chopped fresh parsley.

These recipes are from Lidia’s Italian Table, and Marcella Hazan’s Marcella Cucina.

From now on I will always try to have mushrooms on hand, because this is so easy to make. Today I paired with leftover Italian sausage for Ken. I had mine plain and it was so good I didn’t want anything else!
Next time I’m using cascatelli, because that pasta is begging for this sauce.

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