Super Value Cinnamon Rolls

I have devised a special for all you cinnamon roll lovers out there.

How can I possibly make these rolls better you may ask?

Here’s how:

One bowl of dough makes twelve cinnamon rolls.
The raggedy ends are cut off, and the dough divided into twelve pieces.

The special value is thus:
The dough is divided into ten pieces.
These rolls are now 20% larger than the standard rolls.
Additionally, the ends are added back to your order.

Now we have ten rolls 20% larger.
And two extra snack rolls as well!

And wait… there’s more!
Two tubs of extra frosting to top that off!
Yes! $3. value of delicious vanilla icing to dip into or schmear…

All for the price of Ten Rolls.

This is a win-win. I can make them in one pan, and can slide out the entire pan into your to-go box.
Less fuss for me, less separating rolls to package, a ton of time saved for us both.
I can work smoother and faster, and you get your rolls faster too.

My thank you gift to you.
You’re welcome
Love Andie

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