Food Insecurity

Growing up, our family didn’t have much. We were refugees that left a very successful life behind to build a life in a free country. We would have been very “food insecure” had my father not planted a garden wherever we lived. No matter where that was, the first thing he did was plant fruit trees even if we only rented. I remember being sick when little but not terribly hungry. I wanted more food and more delicious food, but I never felt that wrenching hunger that many experience, because of the supply of fresh vegetables and fruit. I have, and always have had this compulsion to plant things, to stick seeds in the ground so we will have food no matter what. I remember being a little hungry, but not starving, aching hungry, or going to sleep without a meal, even if it was only some toast.

One of my favorite superfoods is beans. Green or dried, they can easily keep you alive. They’re easy to grow. One seed produces thousands of seeds which become thousands of plants. Nature is extremely generous.

We are giving you 5 seeds to grow yourself to practice. Bush beans which stay a nice little bushy plant, and long beans which are a vine that keeps growing, seemingly forever.

So, I want you to try growing them in case there is another disaster and food is scarce. Green beans will keep you alive and healthy. Cooked or raw.

Just tell farmer Ken you want to be a grower, and he will give you some. Our gift to you.

Love Andie

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