Hold the Toast

Hold the toast!

Instead, take a teeny weeny spoon and take a little bit of concentrated jelly and let it melt under your tongue, let it bloom in your mouth (it’s safe, it’s pure fruit and flavor) let it coat your tongue and swish around in your mouth.  

That’s how to experience my jelly.  

In that tiny spoonful you will experience the essence of the fruit: The juice. Maybe you can call it the lifeblood of the fruit. When you wring out the fruit, the pulp, which is just a tasteless membrane encapsulating the life force, is discarded and the pure juice and flavor is harvested. Sugar is a preservative that holds that flavor without contaminating the flavor with chemical or sharp notes.

This is the base of my jelly. It’s the purest flavor. 

I will give you a teeny baby spoon of your own to enjoy my jelly.  Think outside the box. 

Think of my jelly jar as a little jar of flavor bliss. Don’t share it with bread. Give it all to yourself.
Let the flavor seep deeply into your sinus and your brain. 

I have made a few with a bit of heat that accelerates the warmth and flavor….boom 

You’re welcome

—love Andie

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