Beautiful Boards

We are just full of surprises! Did you know that Ken was once an undertaker? And I was a designer? I played with wood, had a radial arm saw, and all the good stuff. I love wood, from tree to table.

My father was a medical and surgical instrument maker. He had a huge lathe in the basement, which was filled with sunshine (we lived on a very steep hillside). Between metal jobs, he turned wood. I loved the shavings, I loved the smells, I loved the silken feeling of the finished bowls or candle sticks he created.

That’s all in the past, and today Ken and I are very happy doing what we’re doing, building, tending, baking, and creating things for our little global village farmstand. We love sharing ourselves with you all and especially enjoy being part of your stories as well.

We never know who will enter our farmstand and our lives. The other day a mother and daughter came by. They are in the midst of a medical battle and have banded together to work through it. Lisa came down from New Jersey to support her Mom. We chatted a bit and she told me she’s making cutting boards to keep herself busy, and will bring some over to show us.

She did.

I ran my hand over the board. I could feel the warmth, the slight unevenness of the top, the perfectly imperfect surface, like the ocean, always a bit of movement. I recognized many of the woods from my woodworking days, (eons ago). They were beautiful! It was uncanny that the number of boards she brought by was exactly the number of spaces I had available. I would never cut on them myself, I would cut on my worn-out plastic boards and display the food on these beautiful wood creations. But that’s just me. Charcuterie boards, cutting boards, art boards, wooden collages, Whatever you’d want to call them, we will have them available here at Wingspread Farm.

“Life has taught me that sometimes, the most beautiful things are natural, and made with love. Love has brought me to Florida, and love has made these beautiful cutting boards”
–Lisa Marie

We feel exactly the same way. We want our little farmstand filled with things made with love and the intention to be beautiful, serviceable, and enjoyable.

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