Our Flock

Our happy hens are very well taken care of,  in addition to their balanced feed, they have access to forage and earth to cultivate for grit and bugs. They have four distinct areas for this;  their run, the wings, the courtyard with grazing beds and fenced gardens, and farther out they have intense foraging areas with clippings, straw, weeds, grasses, flowers, and vegetables.
Their treats consist of nutritious greens, fruits, and vegetables such as mustard greens, collard greens, bok choy, lettuces, cabbages, green beans, radish greens, figs, (helping themselves to) papayas, and melons. They get no fast food, spoiled food, or processed food of any kind.
A favorite supplement is yogurt and kefir for their digestive tract, they love it. They drink and shake their heads so it looks like it’s snowing, lots of fun to watch.
They are very happy healthy chickens who lay beautiful eggs.

Foraging gardens

Courtyard gardens and salad bars

Healthy snacks and treats

Our mixed lot of laying hens are: 

Rhode Island Red
Barred Rock
Buff Orpington
Silver Laced Wyandotte
White Rock
Buff Rock
Partridge Rock
White Orpington
Rhode Island Red
Speckled Sussex
Black Star
Red Star
Salmon Favorelle
Cuckoo Marans
White Marans
Black copper Marans
Golden laced Wyandotte
White Cochin
Grey Cochin
Cream Legbar

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