Baking & Making

So Fresh
So Natural
So Good

Our bakery goods are freshly made with quality ingredients, home made not premixed. We bake exactly like we do for our family, with love and creativity. We love to create delicious foods for our extended family, friends and community.

Black forest and chocolate walnut cookies


We bake at least six different cookies every day out of our twenty plus flavors. We usually have chocolate chip, double chocolate crinkle, oatmeal raisin and sugar cookies. For the cookie list click here

Small round loaves, dark bake


We make a basic french white bread with four fresh ingredients. Flour, yeast water and salt. We make four different sizes and shapes.

Blog post about our bread

Aranygaluska, Golden dumplings

Sweet Rolls

We make sweet rolls based on traditional Hungarian pastry. We use real eggs, sugar and butter, whole milk or cream. No high fructose syrups or palm oils. Our pastry is deliciously rich, without being too sweet.

Jams and Jellies, sweet, savory, warm and spicy.
Unique delicious flavor combinations.

We have so many unique and deliciously wonderful flavors, mostly from exotic tropical fruits we grow right here on our farm.

See you at the Farm

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Linda says:

    Will you be open this Saturday morning? If so, what time?


    1. Andrea Szabo says:

      Hi Linda, Yes we will be open Saturday. We open at 9am. The bread starts coming out around 10:30-11:00, The golden dumplings after that. We start the dough between 4-5am. It’s worth the wait though. This Saturday we will have Apple-Raisin and Apricot-Walnut, Aranygaluska (golden dumplings). Feel free to call or text with questions. Thanks for your interest!


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