Basic Menu & Pricing

What you find here is an overview of the most popular items we make here and sell here.
We are changing things and trying new things constantly, you’ll find real-time updates posted to Instagram and Facebook regarding what new and delicious experiment is going on.
The flavors of rolls and mini’s are posted when they’re ready.

Not all items are available at all times due to the limiting factors of a single oven, timing, and a single maker.

The best thing is to text us directly with questions.

Cinnamon Rolls $5
Value Pack $50

Bread Plain Baguette or small Round $3.50 Frozen $3.00
Bread Plain Medium Loaf $7.00 Frozen $6.
Bread Plain Large Loaf $14 Frozen $12

Milk Bread Buns $3
Milk Bread small Loaf $4.50
Milk Bread Medium Loaf $8

Quick Bread Cake Loaf Mini $9
Quick Bread Cake slice $3

Cookies $1.50
Cookies Dozen $15.

4oz Jelly $7.
8oz Jelly $11.

Gift Items

Individually Priced