Yeast Breads

Our artisan bread is handmade to order.  It is not frozen dough or processed in any way.
Only pure ingredients are used:
Artesian water
Kosher salt

We can make rounds and mini rounds as well as baguettes. The large rounds stay moist longer than the baguettes if you have a hankering for bruschetta the next day, a toasted baguette is a perfection!  These are the crusty wonderful loaves you break off a piece and before you know it its almost gone! At least that’s what’s been happening with these loaves!

Hungarian loaves are made with milk, oil, and a smidgen of sugar to feed the yeast. The result is a softer texture, more fine holes, smoother texture and a longer life on the counter. It’s the loaf kids love because of it’s pillowy texture, and the preferred bread for softer sandwiches.

Quote: “We got our loaves, took them back to work, we had to run to the dollar store next door for butter and the loaf is almost gone!”

Yep, it’s that crusty good!

Please contact me ahead of time, the absolute latest being the day before, or before 5am (the timeline is about 5 hours to create a loaf of bread,) to order. Please text us so we can write up your order before we begin.
Please let us know when you need your bread by, we can work to time the proofing, rising and resting times to best fit your schedule. We want you to have the best, freshest “out of the oven” bread experience ever!  Great bread is life, fresh from the oven is pure bliss in our opinion.

TIP:  Whatever you order, get an extra baguette for the ride home, it’s ok to eat it on the way home, everyone else does, it’s ok to be selfish with our bread!

Small Round Loaves


Farmstand display

blog post about my love of bread and a little history.

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