Our artisan bread is handmade everyday to order.  It is not frozen dough or processed in any way. I start the dough between 5 and 6 in the morning, only four pure ingredients are used:
Artesian water
Kosher salt

We can make rounds and mini rounds as well as baguettes. The large rounds stay moist longer than the baguettes, if you have a hankering for bruschetta the next day baguette toasted is perfection!
Please contact me ahead of time, the absolute latest being the day before to order, well actually sometimes I make extra so message me anytime. Pick up is after 12:00, I can alert you when the come out of the oven, they need at least 15 min cooling time, they will still be barely warm!
These are the crusty wonderful loaves you break off a piece and before you know it its almost gone! At least that’s whats been happening with these loaves!

Quote: “We got our loaves, took them back to work, we had to run to the dollar store next door for butter and the loaf is almost gone!”

Yep, it’s that crusty good!
Custom gift labeling available for additional charge.

$3   per french loaf  BAGUETTE
per Peasant Round Loaf   PARASZT KENYÉR”
per small round  “CIPÓ”
per loaf white slicing sandwich bread  “HAZI KENYER”
per salted thin loaf   “KOSER SOZOTT VEKONY KENYER”

French Baguette
Dryer body, larger air spaces, hint of salt. Perfect for dipping and sopping up sauces such as herbal oils or paprika gravy.

Large Rustic Peasant Round  PARASZT KENYER
Dryer body, larger air spaces, hint of salt.
Small rustic loaf   KIS CIPO
Dryer body, larger air spaces, hint of salt.
Slicing bread  HAZI KENYER
Moist body, smaller airspaces, softer texture added butter or oil. Perfect for sandwiches. Toasted, it has a fine crunchy texture that holds up beautifully loaded with avocado, scrambled eggs or sardines.

Moist body, denser texture than french 
baguette, slightly chewier texture
Added oil. Saltier taste, rolled in Kosher salt for salted crust as well.
Perfect for bland unsalted foods, hard boiled eggs, vegetables, fruits such as tomato and avocado that usually call for added salt.
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“Made in a cottage food operation that is not subject to Florida’s food safety regulations.”     more information here