Coop Stories: First Chickens

And of course the Portraits and they all have names:

Mahogany, Copper, Meanie, Marilyn, Cotton, Snowflake, Nefertiti, Nessa, Muffy, Yalamay, Zora, Nuru, Pumpkin, Sidekick, Buttercup, Sooty, Sheela, Sophie, Scrappy, Rosie, Jamie, Angelina, Sweet thing, Cruella DeVille

Coop Stories: First Coop Arrival

I dreamed of a coop I could walk into, like I remembered doing as a child. My childhood chicken houses were rustic, simple, rudimentary, but they were familiar, so the designs I saw, which were in most instances a box you could reach into, but not walk into, just didn’t fit the vision.

Meditative Mondays. Jan 24 2022

Now I’m slowing down and enjoying the rhythm of creating something with love and intention. I am slowing down so I can appreciate the food before me. The food that grows for me outside, and the food brought to me by the labors of many other souls. To feel the enormity of what actually is behind every ingredient I’m working with. The salt flats, the transport, the farmer and fisherman. The people in the factories. The support network for those people. All the centuries of people who learned and taught how to use herbs and spices.

Farmstand Tour

For this season I found the cutest jute bags for gift giving. I love their practicality and good looks.
They’re a natural material, easy to re-use or regift, no environmental waste from wrapping paper or shredded plastic. We have many styles and sizes to make any gift custom and cute, plus decorations and add-ons!

Super Coop

Well, it’s almost finished and I LOVE it!! Its so beautiful and practical. We have tweaked it to what we have learned from our Chickens, or what our Chickens have taught us about what they prefer. We are combining two flocks so we have added extra nest space, extra roost space, more feeders, more waterers…

Baby Chicks

Our first hens were pullets, so we didn’t really know how old they were when we got them. This round of chicks was three days old, hatched on Monday and we got them on Wednesday. They change by the minute and this post is just about watching them grow. 3 days old Wednesday, April 26,…

Pullet Portraits

Our chicks for the 43 coop are 6 weeks old. They arrived in a box 6 weeks ago this Wednesday June 7. that makes them 6 weeks and two days old. We have thirteen breeds and two extra, one a mystery chick and the other the single Favorelle, her sisters didn’t ship. Enjoy their portraits,…

Avian Pox: Chicken pox for Chickens

Monday we vaccinated 44 chicks for the Avian Pox. It went rather well we thought, took us about 35 minutes start to finish. We put all the 6 week old chicks into the West Wing, set up a saw horse with supplies, put the perch rack, weeds, grit bowl and water bowls into the East…

Mahogany, A Rhode Island Red Hen

Meet Mahogany, she is our first Rhode Island Red and our very first egg layer, averaging one brown egg every day. Little Mahogany was picked on, so we bought  two more reds to keep her company but they were not friendly to her either. She is such a docile little hen, lowest in rank of…