Kissing Bread

So today, I’m experimenting with some shapes to bake in a flat pan. Some did join together, but I cut kisses into all of them for fun. So if you make the minestrone on this horrible rainy windy day, I’ve made the kissy bread.

Come on in…

For this season I found the cutest jute bags for gift giving. I love their practicality and good looks.
They’re a natural material, easy to re-use or regift, no environmental waste from wrapping paper or shredded plastic. We have many styles and sizes to make any gift custom and cute, plus decorations and add-ons!

Dumplings and Jam

Never before has my papaya jam been this rich in flavor and color. It’s just so beautiful. During the process of making the golden dumplings the other day, I thought to myself, I wish I had just plain sweet dough to eat with this superb jam. So today I’m making it!


Originally posted on Chicks & Jam:
Citrus fruits are taken for granted these days, but centuries ago they were a special rare commodity. From the ancient citron to modern navel oranges , we can’t or don’t want to live without them. I’ve just converted a bag of navel oranges into a sublime sweet orange jelly…

Beaver Dam Pepper

I feel a kinship to a Hungarian Pepper that survived and flourished into a “naturalized American” much like myself.   When you take a bite, you get the other flavors first, and then the heat kicks in,

Candied Papaya with heat

I’m discovering just how versatile and wonderful papaya can be. Peppers add a dimension and flavor to candied papaya that has me so excited! I’ve started seed for the next round of growing and they are heavy on the hot side to take advantage of this new way of making delicious papaya preserves.

Capsicum Adventure

Aji’s, chili’s, paprika’s, peppers, officially, “Capsicums” are my new obsession. They’re just too beautiful, so many shapes, sizes, and colors, not to mention flavors within the species. I’ve grown some sweet non-bell types but super-hots I’m afraid of after managing to mishandle the golden habanero twenty years ago, the pain memory has kept me away…

Stuffed Kohlrabi Töltött Karalábé

Hungarians love stuffing vegetables. It’s such a flavorful way to use vegetables and elevate the plating from a boring bowl of stew to an  artfully stuffed and carved vegetable, placed majestically in a beautifully contrasting sauce, of which you can eat  as little or as much as you like.  Many of my favorite childhood foods were stuffed vegetables. Stuffed peppers, stuffed cabbage and the sublime and rare stuffed kohlrabi. 

Candied Papaya Kolaczki (Kol-ach-key)

Today I’m working on the Kolaczki dough and experimenting with fillings. Traditionally prune jam, sweet cheese, tart cherries, which I don’t have on hand or can make from our sub-tropical garden. The papaya jam proved popular and is a loved filling in our butter cookie, so I thought I’d try to candy some papaya fruit…