Ordering Fresh Bakery Goods

When we take your order we request your full name and telephone number.
When your order is ready we will text you, and you can pick it up until 5 pm.

Ken 813 361 1546

Andie 813 323 4944

We also have frozen 6 packs, singles & doubles
ready to go

Rolls Custom order: $50 for nine rolls.

Add raisins to your cinnamon rolls
Add maple syrup frosting to your cinnamon rolls
Add peanut butter to your chocolate rolls
Add chocolate frosting to blueberry rolls.

Customize your special order rolls!
Call us to see if we can do it for you! (Nine roll minimum)

We are a cottage operation and custom make all our baked goods from scratch.
It’s the old-school method because that’s what we know and that’s who we are.
It takes time to create deliciousness.

We have no public bathroom facilities here, so please make yourselves comfortable before you arrive. Public Facilities close by.

Care Instructions for your Rolls

Basic Menu & Pricing