Ordering Cinnamon Rolls

How do I get them?

We make cinnamon rolls (and other flavors) Friday Saturday and Sunday.
They are $5 each.
The Value Pack is $50. And crazy worth it! $63 value for $50

The only way to order rolls is to text Ken or Andie with your request.
We will get back to you as soon as possible, given our other tasks such as jelly making, chicken tending, cookie dough and mini bread making, and general farm maintenance.
Due to their popularity and increased demand, and to avoid disappointment, we’ve created a pre-order system. There is a limited number of rolls made Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Ken 813 361 1546

Andie 813 323 4944

Value Pack
Super Value Pan of Rolls

When we take your order we request your full name and telephone number.
When your order is ready we will text you, and you can pick up until 5pm.

The Roll making Process

Making cinnamon rolls is an eight-hour process that begins usually around 3:30am.
The rolls will begin to be available after 11:00 am

Fridays they will be available late afternoon, after 2:00pm

There is no way to speed up the process or predict the factors that govern the rising of the dough, such as humidity, and barometric pressure. and the like. The dough is a living thing, made of natural ingredients, which seems to have a mind of its own sometimes, and simply needs to be respected. So, we can’t guarantee your order will be ready at a specific time. We try to honor your preferences to give you the freshest rolls possible, such as, if you request a late pickup, your rolls will be from the last batch made.

What? More flavors?

We are constantly playing with flavors, you never know when there is something new.
Any new flavors will be posted on Facebook and Instagram when I make them.
Some of our other rolls:

Cafe Breakfast: Chocolate Cocoa
The Elvis: Peanut Butter Banana
Chocolate Elvis: Peanut Butter Banana with a Chocolate drizzle

Our System

When we take your order we request your full name and telephone number.
When your order is ready we will text you to pick up. We are open until 5pm
I send you a text with a photo of your order. After you are notified, your order will be taken out to the farmstand for you to pick up at your convenience.
You may pay with cash or card when you arrive.
$5 each roll
$50 Value pack

We have devised a code to keep all our orders as simple as possible to avoid mixups.
(We’ve had a few funny ones that we’ve learned from)

Your order will not be ready until we notify you. We are a cottage business run by two old retired people with a residential oven and everything is made in small batches which takes time. It’s the old-school method because that’s what we know and that’s what we are.

We have no public bathroom facilities here, so please make yourselves comfortable before you arrive. Public Facilities close by.

If you choose to come here before you’re notified, you can park up in the front lot, near the bucket truck, walk in, watch the chickens, sit at a picnic table, or by the gazebo and wait.

Feel free to browse the menu cart outside to preview what’s available inside the farmstand. We created it during covid and kept it, cause it is kinda cute. Like a big old menu board, you can see from your car

Super Value Cinnamon Rolls

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