Ken and Andi built Wingspread farm together,  transforming a small repossessed shed into their first coop for twelve pullets, which quickly grew into a beautiful flock.   Andi added simple yeasty crusty baguettes to compliment the rich fresh eggs when they became available for sale. 
Soon after, fresh cookies, Hungarian smoked meats, pickles and sides were added.
They make or curate simple wonderful foods, with timeless appeal.


Delicious,  unique jams and jellies made from exotic fruits grown on the farm has added a colorful sparkling dimension to the adorable farmstand shop. 

What makes their offerings unique is the emphasis on gifting.  People simply love this jam!

All the items can be mixed and matched for any occasion, event or simple family get-together.

“Surprises and small joys are experienced in the moment.”

Wingspread Farm’s mission is to provide beautiful, delicious food items that make giving a pleasure.

Don’t wait, create your own wonderful gift packages and memories.