Cookies: $1 each.  Dozen $10.
Available in lots of three cookies per flavor when made to order.
For example,  One dozen cookies = four different flavors if desired.
Or just order a dozen of your favorite!

Get a 6 pack of frozen cookie dough to go!  $6.

choc chip cruellas  farmer Ken Farmer Ken’s Crispy Chocolate Chip
apple pie andieddie Andi’s Apple Pie
p&bchoc chip  IMG_0276 copy Gabriella’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip
cherry cupcake  IMG_1570 Gwendolyn’s Cherry Cupcake
IMG_2762 diana-mink-picDiana’s Pina Colada
whitechoc.jpeg   IMG_6980.jpg   Whoop Whoop’s white chocolate cranberry
IMG_9418  IMG_7104.jpg  Bessie’s Rich and chewy oatmeal raisin
PB-crush IMG_7062.jpg Muffy’s peanut butter & peanut chip crush
IMG_9416  IMG_9421  Pippa’s perfect peanut butter
volcanicchoc  IMG_1551     Victoria’s Double Chocolate Krinkle
strawberry  sweetthing Sweet Thing’s Strawberry Surprise
IMG_2741  ruby Ruby’s Cranberry Red Velvet white Chocolate
  IMG_0753  goldiegirl Goldie Girls Papaya Sunrise
  4berry  carmen Carmens’ Red Berry
lotties sugar lottieLottie’s Pretty Sugar Cookie
IMG_3921  scrappyScrappy Doo’s Snickerdoodle
IMG_8478Minnie’s Toffee & Pecan Munchers
tadbury copyTabby’s Shortbread
IMG_1465   IMG_9092Lisette’s Lemon Tart
PB&jam  rowlie Rowlie’s Peanut butter and Jam
mango delight  oksana Oksana’s Mango Delight
IMG_5909  IMG_5916.jpg  Mahogany (is a just a great chicken)
classicCChip  IMG_7072.jpg  Cruella’s classic chocolate chip
almondchocchipcranberry magdalena  Magdalena’s almond cranberry chocolate chip
IMG_2739  noname3 Maisy’s Dreamsicle Krinkle
IMG_1460  IMG_1188 Lala-baby’s Oatmeal Chocolate Chip