Our Cookie Flavors:
Once a new cookie makes the cut, they become one of the flock with a chicken ambassador.

whitechoc.jpeg   IMG_6980.jpg   Whoop Whoop’s white chocolate cranberry
IMG_9418  IMG_7104.jpg    Bessie’s soft & chewy oatmeal raisin
CookieFEB8-2.jpg  IMG_0067.jpg    Svetlana’s sea salty double dark chocolate
almondchocchipcranberry  IMG_6904.jpg    Rosie’s cranberry almond chocolate chip
IMG_7062.jpg Muffy’s peanut butter & peanut chip crush
IMG_5909  IMG_5916.jpg  Mahogany (is a just a great chicken)
IMG_9416  IMG_9421  Pippa’s perfect peanut butter
walnut cc   IMG_1561  Bronwyn’s  walnut chocolate chip
volcanicchoc  IMG_1551     Victoria’s volcanic double dark chocolate
pbchocochip   IMG_0045.jpg  Oksana’s  peanut butter chocolate chip
classicCChip    IMG_7072.jpg  Cruella’s classic chocolate chip
IMG_7036 Scrappy Doo’s snickerdoodle
  IMG_0753  goldiegirl Goldie Girls Papaya Sunrise

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