Halloween Assortment 2019
*Nightmare Before Christmas Collection* 6 new & unique cookies
  The collection will  be sold in boxes of  12, 18
While quantities last. Available Now.

$15.  one dozen
Oogie Boogie
Deadly Nightshade
Frogs Breath

Our Cookie Flavors:

whitechoc.jpeg   IMG_6980.jpg   Whoop Whoop’s white chocolate cranberry
IMG_9418  IMG_7104.jpg    Bessie’s soft & chewy oatmeal raisin
almondchocchipcranberry      IMG_8625Magdalena’s almond cranberry chocolate chip
IMG_7062.jpg Muffy’s peanut butter & peanut chip crush
IMG_5909  IMG_5916.jpg  Mahogany (is a just a great chicken)
IMG_9416  IMG_9421  Pippa’s perfect peanut butter
walnut cc   IMG_1561  Bronwyn’s  walnut chocolate chip
volcanicchoc  IMG_1551     Victoria’s Double Chocolate Krinkle
classicCChip    IMG_7072.jpg  Cruella’s classic chocolate chip
  IMG_0753  goldiegirl Goldie Girls Papaya Sunrise
IMG_1465 IMG_9092Lisette’s Lemon Tart

Carmens’ Red Berry
Sweet Thing’s Strawberry Surprise
Jaffa’s Volcanic Orange Double Chocolate
Hazel’s Walnut Dusted Sugar Cookie
Lottie’s pretty Sugar Cookie
Scrappy Doo’s Snickerdoodle
Svetlana’s Dark Chocolate Mint
Oksana’s mango delight
Rosie’s Triple chocolate chip
Double raisin oatmeal
Honey oatmeal raisin
Ruby’s strawberry, cranberry Red Velvet
Rowlie’s Peanut butter and jam
Maisy’s Dreamsicle Krinkle

Family Favorites:
Farmer Ken’s crispy chocolate chip
Gwendolyn’s cherry cupcake
Gabriella’s peanut butter chocolate chip
Lala-baby’s oatmeal chocolate chip
Andi’s prune danish
Diana’s Pina Colada Created Especially For Diana Cordero