We need help liquidating all the craft supplies, so we can begin creating our little Arts & Crafts village concept.

In the future, you’ll find crafts made by our very own local artisans.

Wooden Stamps
Clear Stamps
Scrapbook Paper
Crafting Books
Crafting Supplies
Doll-making Supplies

Our artists:

Meet Pat. She sews. She sells her things under the “Stitch Witch Label”
Her creations will be for sale soon!
Meet Kathy Evans.
She makes beautiful cards,
paintings, sews all kinds of wonderful things. Her things will be available soon!
woman making a father s day card
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smiling dressmaker
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man holding chisel and mallet
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person holding brown leather material
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unrecognizable man painting in creative workshop
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a person using a laptop on bed
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woman wearing over all denim holds a brush and palette
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