TODAY  Friday August 18 2017

 our tree is almost done producing, lots of tree fall, case prices, best guacamole, best avocado deals ever!!!

$4  Farm Fresh Eggs
Available today:  *sold out*
Sorry, our new chicks will start laying in October.
Our hens have slowed down a bit from the heat.

*Note* We have standing orders for our eggs.
(If you would like our eggs, please call so we can reserve yours,
we message you when your order is filled.)
About our eggs

Fresh from oven:   Contact us before 11:00am to order

Frozen baguette:  5 available.
Frozen Sandwich loaf 1 available.
Heat at 400 for 5 minutes at defrost, or 20 minutes for hard frozen
for fresh out of the oven baked loaf!

Call or message
before 11am to start your dough for afternoon pickup
About our breads
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$6.00  Hungarian Paprika Paste  per jar, hot and mild
Hungarian Paprika Powders.
About our Paprika
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