Rustic, cute, regiftable, and ecologically responsible.
This is how we want to gift our carefully curated consumables. Ranging from $5 to $9 each, natural jute bags are an affordable alternative to disposable gift wraps. You can be as casual as tossing things into a beach tote sized shopping bag, or embellishing a window jute bag to the extremes.

*Jam not included* Added to show size and scale.

gift cards and certificates

Our gift certificates are a high quality cardstock in attractive coordinating colors. It’s an intricate design of an envelope within another envelope sealed with matching seal.
Gift cards and tags $2.
Certificates are $10 and $25 increments.
Easy to pop into any gift bag, added to our cards and mini boards,
and cute enough to give just as they are.

possibilities are endless

cookie gifts without the cookies

I was wondering how I could make a cookie element in a gift bag without the actual cookies.
That would be ok if consumed on the same day, but during holiday season how realistic is that?
I tried a few different ideas and finally hit upon this cute little gift box that incorporates the cookie gift idea and won’t go stale, or get broken.
I love it! I hope you will too!

papaya gift bag
cookie gift voucher box
Wingspread Dozen Cookies gift Box