Hungarian Paprika “Magyar Paprika”

We sell Hungarian Paprika imported directly from the best Paprika manufacturers in Hungary.

We stock four paprika pastes in jars:
Edes Anna   (sweet Anna)
Eros Pista  (strong Steven)
These are ground up whole Paprika with flesh and seeds.

Piros Arany  (red gold)
Paprika Creme hot or mild
These are a smooth creamy paprika paste.

$6.00 per jar

These paprika pastes contain so much fresh paprika flavor that you haven’t tasted REAL paprika until you try the paste form. Fresh, rich in flavor and light in texture. Perfect as a spread or a dollop on grilled meats or stuffed cabbage. Boiled eggs go from bland to bam!





Coming soon: Samples of Paprika powder from the best paprika growing regions in Hungary, my family grew their own in Szabaszallas where my Grandfathers land is still the same.  Nearby is Kalsoca and Szeged, where the giant share of Paprika is grown. One of the largest processing factories Univer is right outside Kecskemet one of my favorite towns, beautiful art nouveau architecture, one of the places I’d love to live.
These areas of Hungary receive the greatest amount of sunlight in the country, critical for the maturation and richness of the peppers. Years ago farmers hung peppers to dry under the eaves of their buildings, when dried, ground them to powder with mortar  and pestle. Today of course everything is automated, although there are still some old timers who process their paprika the same way they have always done.

I will be making sample sized packets from the various types of Hungarian Paprika for you to buy in small quantities to try. These are authentic and fresh. No worries about mis-labeled knockoffs or paprika that has sat on a shelf for years. What Hungarians use in a week would be a years supply for the average American. Hungarians love Paprika!


In the Hungarian markets you can find 9 different types of Paprika  varying in color and pungency, the names and descriptions are very confusing.

Special quality (Különleges) – this is the mildest of all and has the most vibrant red color

Delicate (csípősmentes csemege)-mild with rich flavor,

Exquisite delicate (csemege) –slightly more pungent than the Delicate,

Pungent Exquisite delicate (csípős csemege), even more pungent

Noble sweet (édesnemes) – the most common type, slightly pungent with bright red color,

Half-sweet (félédes) – a medium-pungent

Rose (rózsa) – light red color, mildly pungent

Hot (erős) – the hottest of all paprikas, light brown-orange color

Smoked (fustolt) sweet or hot. Very pungent strong smoked flavor.