Miz Andie

It’s me…Andie here.

We (Ken and me) created Wingspread Farm in 2017, chickens, eggs, papaya, tomatoes…whatever I could get to grow for me.
Then we sold our first eggs. So lonely that carton with nothing to accompany it. Bye bye beautiful eggs in that pulp container…

Why don’t I make some bread to go with those eggs? How about baguettes? Oo la la
Hello Jacques Pepin! ( I use his baguette recipe) Can’t argue with greatness.

I think I need something sweet…hello cookies. How about some jam on that bread?

I think you get the gist of how we create here.

One day I’ll write the sheds story, the bakery story, the near death experiences stories, all the good stuff.

But today, I’ll tell you about Miz Andie.

The boys next door, you may have met them… they help us out on weekends and in pinches.
When they come into our home, I hear ” Hi Miz Andie!”

After a few months I thought to myself, I like the ring to this. I like hearing it. I’ll keep it.

So I did. I decided to use Miz Andie as a kind of brand name. That’s how that was born.
(Thanks, Caleb, Owen, Cole and Henry)

Recently I began putting a version of me on the preserves.

You may think I’m a figment, I’m usually inside making the rolls and breads etc. Once in awhile I’ll deliver things to the farmstand. Its funny to me when I meet some of you, that its a surprise, like I’m really a living person, not a toiling crew Ken has conscripted to churn the dough and man the oven.

Oh, this is the famous Andie!
Yep, it’s little old me. …

After the hip replacement surgery, while laying around not baking a whole lot, I played with taking selfies and the Viola app making cartoons and silliness. Out of these, I chose one to put on the jar labels.

And Viola! Miz Andie