Price List

Prepaid drive-thru pickup service.
Phone-in your order and we will arrange pick-up times when your order is ready.
We are doing well and practicing sanitary measures and extreme distancing to keep us all safe.

Please call to order:
Ken 813-361-1546  Andi 813-323-4944

EGGS  please call click for more info
$7   One dozen mixed breed eggs
$5  One dozen Salmon Favorelle eggs (smaller, high yolk ratio)
$9  One dozen Heritage eggs

SMOKED MEATS click for more info
$8  Mild Kolbasz
$8  Spicy Kolbasz
$11 Teli Salami
$11  Csabai Salami
$10   Smoked Bacon

CONDIMENTS click for more info
$6 Edes Anna Paprika Paste
$7 Pickled Stuffed Peppers with saurkraut
$7 Mixed pickled salad HOT
$7 Mixed pickled salad MILD
$7 Hungarian Lesco (salsa)
$8 Vegeta Seasoning

$9.75 Allergy blend Honey 1lb
$7.75  Gallberry Honey 1lb
$7.75 Orange blossom Honey 1lb
$7.75 Glass bottle Wildflower Honey
$9.75 Brazillian Pepper Honey
$16.00 Tupelo Honey
$8.75 Whipped Honey
$8.75 Whipped Strawberry Honey
$8.95 Whipped Cinnamon Honey
$12.75 Honeycomb Honey

JAM click to view
$6 Papaya Jam
$6 Bende Currant Jam
$6 Rosehip Jam
$6 Plum Jam
$6 Sour Cherry Jam

$6 Papaya, onion & pepper smooth dip Mild (Sold out)
$6 Papaya onion & pepper smooth dip Spicy
$6 Papya, onion & pepper Chunky dip mild
$6 Papaya onion & pepper Chunky dip Spicy (sold out)

COOKIES  click for more info
$1 per cookie
$10 per dozen
$6 cookie dough balls (to bake yourself) sixpack frozen
Freshly baked cookies are available within a couple hours of your call.

BREAD click for more info
$3 baguette
$3 small loaf
$6 medium loaf
$12 Large loaf
Bread takes 6 to 8 hours to make. 
Please order the night before or before 8am for the same day.
Usually ready after 11am until 4pm. 

$5 Moringa Tree seedlings
$1 Spanish radish each
$1 turnips each