Papaya & Peppers

Who knew so many delicious things could be made with Papaya and Peppers!
In Hungary, we made what was in season and looked forward to cherry, plum, peach, apricot seasons. Everything had its time, a rhythm that could be counted on every season.
Here in Florida, I can grow peppers and I have been experimenting with some wonderful Hungarian varieties. What does grow well on our farm is Papaya, so because that’s what I have freshly grown, that’s what I’ll create with.
The first thing I made was a basic papaya jam. Next a savory loose jam with onion and peppers that is so versatile it is a best seller.

Today produced on the farm is Papaya Jam, Fig Jam, Lemon Marmalade, Orange Marmalade, Candied Papaya, Pepper Jelly, Pepper and Papaya Jam, and Jellies and we’re dreaming up new things all the time.

These are all made in small batches with perfectly fresh and available produce on the farm.
Bon Appetit! in Hungarian Jó étvágyat!

Jams and Jellies
Made with seasonal fruits, hot and mild peppers
Basic types: Jalapeno jelly, Papaya Jam,
Creative types: Papaya habanero jelly, Serra-peno jelly, Pure habanero jelly ,
Habanero Papaya Jam

Candied Papaya
Papaya is cooked down with sugar, vanilla and canola stick.
Super with white cheeses, ice cream, or as a sweet side.

Candied with Heat 

Papaya is cooked down with sugar, with the addition of
selected sweet and hot peppers to give it interest and sweet heat.
It’s lovely to bite the sweet papaya then take a hotter bite of pepper.

P.P.O. Dip
Papaya, peppers and onions are cooked down into a loose savory jam.
Heat levels are variable with the selection of sweet to hot pepper ratios.
Perfect as a dip with chips, or a saucy topping for chicken and fish.

Cowboy Candy
Papaya, peppers together or individually cooked down with sugar,
mustard seed, celery seed, turmeric, salt, sometimes garlic and onion.
This is a beautiful sweet and savory snack or side.
Story: Tough cowboys are said to eat the candied hot peppers like candy without breaking a sweat. Traditionally jalapeno peppers were used. We use a variety of hot and sweet peppers to make up our four heat levels: Mild, Medium, Hot and &X-Hot