Pastries made at Wingspread Farm

Pastries made here at the farm are inspired by the pastries I grew up with and loved.
For me growing up, dinner might have consisted of Palacsinta (crepes) with jam, or some kolbasz with fresh peppers and a slice of Almás lepény (Hungarian apple pie). I loved Hungarian Krémes, a square of delicious vanilla custard with thin pastry and a light dusting of powdered sugar. None of these are too sweet, just simple and delicious.

Special occasion tortes and cakes had richer fillings, with added chocolate and nuts, but even these magnificent creations weren’t overly sweet.

The varied baked goods at the farm reflect my cultural influences, Hungarian by birth, English, by way of New Zealand and American, where I settled.

It’s always going to be surprising, fun and delicious, even the wonky experiments taste good!

No matter what the pastry will be, it will consist of real butter, sugar, cream, whole milk, rich farm fresh eggs, high quality flour and delicious real jams and fruits, home grown, organic or market fresh. Our offerings are always changing, depending on the fruit in season, and my inspiration.