I love making these delicious preserves utilizing what is freshest and at the peak of ripeness.  These condiments pair beautifully with our smoked meats as well as summer fare.  All grilled meats and fish, served hot or cold are elevated by these flavors which blend well with multicultural cuisines. Mix and match to suit your tastes.

*Each batch is dated when its made.
*Limited amounts in each unique batch.
*More deliciousness to come.




Grilled Alaska salmon served with rice pilaf and our chunky papaya salsa.
Quesadillas topped with jalapeno rings and a spicy papaya sauce.
Grilled sausages with jalapeno strips and pickled onions.
Grilled brats with triple pickled onions.
Pickles from the jar
Chips with Salsa
Sweet & sour crunchy onions on ritz with cream cheese or papaya jam.